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Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park Rules & Regulations

  • County ordinance prohibits the consumption of alcohol in county parks, except that a county Special Use Permit allowing the use of alcohol may be obtained for large group events.
  • Liability insurance is required for events open to the public. Proof of insurance will be required. The event holder will pay for the insurance.
  • It is unlawful for any person to interfere with or refuse to vacate any part or portion of the park.
  • Parking must be in designated areas.
  • Camping or staying overnight is prohibited.
  • County Codes and Ordinances as per Section 9.74 prohibits:

    • A. Tying or hitching any animal to any tree or shrub in a park, or leaving any animal unhitched or loose, unless adjacent to an equestrian trail or in an area expressly authorized for equestrian use
    • B. Allowing dogs to run at large in a park, without a leash;
    • C. Riding any animal in a park, except on trails designated as open to riding animals;
    • D. Riding any bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, or scooter in a park, except on trails designated as open to bicycle or scooter riding or skateboarding;
    • E. Operating any motor vehicle, or driving any animal-pulled vehicle or cart, except in parking lots or upon access driveways and roads. The speed limit within parks shall be five miles per hour, except where a faster speed is designated;
    • F. Hunting or otherwise intentionally injuring, killing or capturing any bird or mammal;
    • G. Picking, pruning, or cutting down flowers, shrubbery, or trees;
    • H. Interfering with any drinking fountain or watering tap or faucet;
    • I. Depositing any garbage or refuse upon the park grounds, unless placed in those cans or bins designated for garbage or refuse disposal.
  • Bicycle use is limited to the main parking area, i.e., for travel to and from the park.
  • Horse travel is limited to the marked equestrian trails.
  • Skateboard use is not allowed in the park.